You Can Take The Girl Out of California, But Not The Cali Out of the Girl

Hi! Liz and Colin here! But as you can guess by the title of this opening post, Liz is the author of this one. So here’s the premise of this blog: we’re two LA, born-and-raised, folks who moved across the country to New Hampshire, in October 2018. Now, at this point, you may be wondering why two people who lived in a very sought after place moved to a, well, less sought-after place (to be clear, the middle of bum- ***k- nowhere). Sometimes, we find ourselves wondering too. The short answer to that question is that around this time last year I received a job offer to work PR and social media with a professional hockey team located here. Since moving to New England and learning to live in a completely different environment: rural, lots of trees, snow (DRIVING IN SNOW), bad Mexican & Asian food, etc., we’ve realized that as people from the west coast, we have a lot of gripes with New Englanders and how things are done out here. In this blog, we’ll cover things like driving, avocados, snow, nature, humidity, pup-parenting in a different climate, and much more that’s not coming to mind at the moment.

The first topic I wish to talk about: DRIVING. Everyone, across the country, says people from California, LA in particular, can’t drive. It’s that we’re aggressive and drive too fast. Well, let me tell you something: we may drive fast, but at least we know how to ****ING MERGE! People in New England seriously do not know how to merge! They enter the on-ramp and go the same speed until they’re on the “highway” (no one calls it a freeway out here– I get weird looks). The most frustrating part is that drivers out here have tunnel vision. They are not aware of other cars who may be in their blind spot and do not speed up/slow down to avoid said cars. They just go on their merry way until the last second when they slam on their breaks, screwing up the whole flow of traffic.

Speaking of flow of traffic, you know how no one in LA lets you in a lane or says “after you” at a stop sign. I used to think it was kind of annoying and rude, but truth be told, it’s so much better! I get people want to be nice, and you can say “What a bitch, she doesn’t appreciate nice people.” But, my point is that not going when you have a green, or not taking your right of way at a stop sign is CONFUSING for the rest of us on the road who follow normal traffic conventions. All I’m saying is that it’s okay to be nice, but also follow traffic laws and we’ll all get where we need to go! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Going back to the idea of tunnel vision- I’d like to address one more gripe: PEDESTRIANS. Okay, so here’s the thing in the “downtown” near where we live there are cross walks, but people tend not to look where they’re going and just step off into the street, expecting you, the driver, to stop. Now, we all know “pedestrians have the right of way.” That’s not a novel idea. HOWEVER, in LA if you did that, you’d be roadkill! It blows my mind that New Englanders (I say that intentionally because it’s not just people in NH, it’s those in Boston too), just don’t even really think to look at oncoming cars. And if they do happen to jump out into the road and you don’t slow down/blow past them because they were being stupid, they get irate! People in NYC jaywalk all the time in one of the most trafficked cities of all time. If people can survive these environments, why is it seemingly impossible for New Englanders to use their little cross walks and wait for a clearing in traffic to cross the street. Or even just wait until cars see you to walk. Again, 🤦🏻‍♀️. Also, for people who may not be aware of this little law: you can get a ticket in California for jaywalking. I think that’s an important contextual piece of info.

I think, for now, that sums up our gripes with drivers/pedestrians out here! We’ll cover driving in snow in a different post. Also be on the look-out for YouTube videos! We plan on getting inebriated and speaking on these various topics! Sounds like fun, right?! Probably more for us, the drinkers, than for you, the viewers, but se la vie.